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Dragon Ball Super Vol 2 Review

The second Dragon Ball Super volume covers chapters 10 through 15, with a ton of story covered. The “Champa saga” ends by chapter 13, leaving 14 and 15 to kick off the “Future Trunks saga” (otherwise known as “Goku Black saga”. That habit of naming sagas after the main villain never goes away, huh? The… Continue reading Dragon Ball Super Vol 2 Review


Review – A Silent Voice

Director: Naoko Yamada; Distributor: Anime Limited. 12 cert, 130 mins. Naoko Yamada’s adaption of Yoshitoki Ōima’s manga Koe No Katachi, titled A Silent Voice, is a coming-of-age drama. A story of atonement and friendship, and much more. 6th grade student Ishida Shouya is the class prankster. That is until his increasingly-serious bullying behavior results in a… Continue reading Review – A Silent Voice

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Hands On – Dragonball FighterZ Beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the upcoming 2.5D fighter released later this month. Very much in a similar vein to the Marvel vs Capcom series, FighterZ takes place in the iconic Dragon Ball anime universe. Teams will consist of three unique characters, with a roster filled to the brim with all the beloved Dragon Ball personalities.… Continue reading Hands On – Dragonball FighterZ Beta