Spider-Man: 4 Games You Must Play

Spider-Man has always been a firm Marvel Comics favourite, and one of the world's most beloved comic creations. Over the years, Spider-Man has become a marketable figure outside of comic lore; this summer’s Spider-Man Homecoming is the 6th Spidey movie in just 15 years. Spider-Man video games have also been ever-present over the years, with 30+… Continue reading Spider-Man: 4 Games You Must Play


The New Marvel vs Capcom and its ‘Infinite’ Possibilities

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite could well be the heavyweight fighter Capcom needs, and should arguably be the flagship Japanese fighting series given its appeal of both Marvel and Street Fighter characters and the series’ competitive popularity. Back in December it was confirmed that the director of the upcoming instalment of the Marvel vs Capcom series… Continue reading The New Marvel vs Capcom and its ‘Infinite’ Possibilities