Spider-Man: 4 Games You Must Play

Spider-Man has always been my favourite Marvel Comics character. It was Marvel UK’s US Spider-Man reprint comics that led to my love of the character 25 years ago. Spider-Man is of course one of Marvel’s most beloved creations. Over the years, Spider-Man has become more of a marketable figure outside of comic lore; this summer’s… Continue reading Spider-Man: 4 Games You Must Play


Retroreflection #1: Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Otherwise known as Goeman, Legend of the Mystical Ninja was actually the 2nd Goeman game in the Konami series, but the first released in the west. Considered by many a SNES classic, Mystical Ninja follows Kid Ying and Dr. Yang as they travel across native land to free an abducted princess. Now almost 25 years… Continue reading Retroreflection #1: Legend of the Mystical Ninja


Nintendo/Squaresoft Gems of a Generation

Before Square Enix there was Square Company. From its inception Square released 145 titles before its merger with Enix in 2003. Many of these games were released under a given ‘Squaresoft’ brand name, such as the ever-popular Final Fantasy VII for PS One, which was one of the west’s first taste of Squaresoft magic, which… Continue reading Nintendo/Squaresoft Gems of a Generation


Super Metroid – The Perfect Video Game?

That’s the ultimate goal isn’t it? To create the perfect video game. Very few video games are considered as such, and even then it is of course only opinion. There is no fact in a critic’s verdict, whether it’s print/online. People often forget that, and it is of course the same for you; we’re all… Continue reading Super Metroid – The Perfect Video Game?